Give Happy, Live Happy

Today is the first day of National Volunteer Week (11th May to 17th May) and we are encouraging everyone to give back a little of their time in the coming weeks to which ever charity you choose.

It is a great opportunity for everyone to seek out a non-profit charity that interests them and to go one step further and enquire how they can help.  Who knows? This can be the start of an amazing journey!

Bikes 4 Life would like to thank everyone who has donated their bikes to us, given up their time freely at the workshop learning bike mechanics, cooking, cleaning, teaching, packing and everyone who has helped us in getting our containers to underprivileged communities around the world.  We thank our event management/fundraising team, our supporters and sponsors for lending us a hand and for being our friends.

We thank our volunteers for keeping our projects on track and we send a big thank you to our Sydney and Brisbane partners for taking the lead and completing our first two projects for 2015.  Exciting times ahead and it is because of our volunteers that lives are changed for the better.

Keep spreading the love to us and we will keep spreading the love to others, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Go on, get out there and be inspired!

“Never doubt a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Bikes 4 Life Volunteers in Cambodia 2014

Bikes 4 Life Volunteers in Cambodia 2014



How to Prepare a Bike for Donation

How to Prepare a Bike for Donation to Us!

Our amazing donors all over Australia have donated literally thousands of bikes to us! And our incredible volunteers have repaired most of those bikes before they have been shipped off to many different destinations!

But after 3 big international projects in the past year, we now need many more bikes for 2015 – but bikes that are pretty much ready to go! A good way to work out if your bike is suitable for donation is to first ask yourself, “Would I ride this myself?” – If the answer is yes, then the bike will be perfect for donation to us.

We are mainly looking for teenage – adult size mountain bikes in good condition or near working order. Unfortunately we don’t have enough volunteers to repair the bikes that are donated but need work on! (*Volunteer with us or help spread the word!)

We have so many projects we want to do, but really need bikes that are ready to go o that won’t take too long to fix! If your bike needs a bit of work, that’s fine, you can bring it in and we can assess it or send a pic via email first to make sure it’s suitable!

For bikes that are in full working order please follow the following steps:

How to Prepare a Bike for Donation

How to Prepare a Bike for Donation

The reason we take the pedals off and twist the handle bars is so we can pack the bikes in the containers more efficiently.

We are very eager to execute new projects in East Timor and Uganda as soon as we have another 200 fixed and ready to go mountain bikes!

In Melbourne bikes can be dropped off at 26 Gwynne St Cremorne (near Richmond) every Wednesday and Sunday between 12 and 4pm.

In Sydney bikes can be dropped at 3/130 Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale on the first Sunday of every month between 9am – 12 noon.

For Brisbane please enquire via email!

Thanks for supporting Bikes 4 Life!



Kindness Is Unlimited

The definition of volunteering is to work without pay.  Therefore, what is the incentive?  The incentive is that we change lives for the better, with no questions asked.  We have no reservations when we arrive, we are ready to lend a helping hand.  With open arms they come walking in and we have never felt so grateful.

Like leaders of tomorrow, there is always a new wave and with growth and humility we work together as a collective group for something that is bigger than all of us put together.

The generosity shown towards us ever since Bikes 4 Life was born, is simply overwhelming.   Our amazing volunteers are the life-blood of our non-profit organisation, we depend on them in all areas.

One of our hard working volunteers, Joel, said something quite profound:

Our positive energy does not evaporate after our jobs are complete, it is merely transferred to others who are receiving these bicycles.  Thus, the positive energy cycle continues.

Now tell me, who does not want to be a part of that? Join us!


Some students in Siem Reap who were very happy to be awarded bikes.

Volunteering: Let’s get greasy!

What is it about volunteering that keeps us coming back for more?

Uno. Is it the free lunch?

Dos. Is it the free live music acts?

Tres. Is it the free Spanish lessons!?

Or is it the simple fact that you know you are making a huge difference in someone else’s life somewhere in the world?

It’s all those things. We love it all. Come on down and let the good times roll!

Viva la Vida!!

26 Gwynne St, Richmond

Wednesdays and Sundays 12-5pm



A few of our lovely volunteers giving up their time to help us, help others.


Bikes 4 Life’s Video: Live at the Trak Annual Fundraiser

B4L Fundraiser: Live at the Trak from Ebony Butler on Vimeo.

See the video from Bikes 4 Life’s Annual Fundraising Event at Trak Lounge in Melbourne, sponsored by 99 Bikes and Westpac Bank.

It was a spectacular evening of entertainment; fashion, silent and live auctions and plenty of fun all for a good cause! Over $55,000 was raised for Bikes 4 Life which will support a many local & international bike distribution and training projects.

Performances included: Patrick Roberts and Band, Johnny Rollins (The Voice Finalist); Julian Simonsz (The Voice); Abbey Stone; Vegas Baby and Miss Man. Other entertainment included a sensational BMX bike show put on by the boys from Rudy’s Ramps and Anchor BMX – and much more! Make sure you attend next years event if you missed this one!

With the simple gift of a bicycle, families can enhance their standard of living dramatically, especially those in rural areas. By providing a sustainable form of transport to those most in need,

Bikes 4 Life lays the foundations for social and economic empowerment. Our work has transformed the lives of many families by widening employment opportunities, gaining easier access to sources of food and water and ensuring that children are able to regularly attend schools, thus becoming the most essential tool for any family living in extreme poverty.

If you’re not on board with Bikes 4 Life already, why not get involved now – at any capacity. They need skilled and unskilled volunteers (MEL, BRIS, SYD), corporate sponsors / partners and project supporters in the wider community to spread the word about the great work they do locally and around the world!

Follow B4L on Facebook at 
Also, on Twitter and Instagram at : @bikes4lifeorg

Event updates and info will also be posted at

Bikes 4 Life Pack Day in Sydney on Sunday Feb 1st

Volunteers needed in Sydney on Sunday February the 1st to help pack a container for our next international bike project! Save the date folks and tell your friends!

For more info please email or keep updated via Facebook at

February Pack Day in Sydney

February Pack Day in Sydney on February the 1st, 2015

Together, we can end Extreme Poverty

A family in Mozambique saved up for 3 years to buy a roof for their house.
Then they saved up for another 2 years for a bike.
“If I get a bicycle, I’ll be so happy…because a house without a bicycle is not a home.”
If anyone has 1hr to spare, please watch this very important documentary about world population growth by the very eccentric Professor Hans Rosling.
He displays an important graph which, depicts the wealth gaps of the world population. Each golden person represents 1 billion and in this world today we have 7 billion people on this planet. We have 1 billion of the population who comfortably earn at least $100 per day, then we have the middle billions of people who make at least $10 a day then we have the poorest billion of people who make $1 a day.
They are classed as Extreme Poverty, defined as struggling to provide food for your family.
Population Poverty Graph

Wage and Population Poverty Graph

The poorest people can hardly afford shoes but one essential tool to lift your family out of extreme poverty is to acquire a bicycle. Everything is faster and there is less man power to get from point A to point B, freeing up valuable time to prepare for other activities such as farming, getting water, attending school etc. From the developing world to the developed world we can see the next stages of progression is to earn enough money to acquire a motorbike/motorscooter then a car then finally earn enough money to fly and/or simply to have options.

One interesting point Professor Hans Rosling points out is that when people who earn $100 per day look down on the people who make $10 or $1 a day, they may think it’s the same level of poverty. However, if you are in the Extreme Poverty pocket of people and you look up to the billions of people who earn $10 a day, it is a remarkable difference in their quality of life.

Whenever and wherever we can, Bikes 4 Life will continue to lift people out of Extreme Poverty.

Thank you for supporting us!

Workshops Open tomorrow and Christmas Eve – Make a Pledge and Help us Fix more Bikes for Africa!

Our workshop open 9am-5pm tomorrow and Christmas Eve! Tell your friends and networks and take some time away from spending to do some volunteer work!! – Or buy pressie’s from us instead!

Lots of works to do and we’ll also be having a Christmas Bike Sale to raise some extra funds before the end of the year!

We have a target of at least 50 bikes to be repaired before Christmas… We’d love you to help us achieve that goal!

If you can give us a few hours we’d appreciate it! We have so many bikes that need some work to get them going, and you don’t need much experience as many bikes just have minor issues!

So why not make a pledge to Bikes 4 Life… How many bikes you will you work on and prepare for packing to Uganda over the Christmas period?

Our target is 200 by the end of January – Make your pledge now and help us get these bikes ready and off to Africa for our 3rd Ugandan Project!

Please call Phil on 0420 333 799 for info otherwise just turn up anytime at 26 Gwynne St Cremorne ( Bikes 4 Life Cremorne Workshop) THANK YOU!



99 Bikes and the #PedalUpcycle Initiative

99 Bikes is a Brisbane based bicycle retailer with a growing network of 18 locations and an online store. 99 Bikes has recently launched a new bicycle brand in the marketplace, Pedal Bikes, with a low cost, fashionable range aimed at inner city recreational riders. Models in the Pedal Bikes range start as low as $280 for fixies and cruisers in a number of colours and styles.

To help launch Pedal Bikes, 99 Bikes stores in across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold and Sunshine Coasts have partnered with Bikes 4 Life for the ‘Pedal Bikes Upcycle Initiative’, where they are aiming to collect 300 bikes to donate to Bikes 4 Life by January 2015.

99 Bikes

99 Bikes

In the ‘Pedal Bikes Upcycle Initiative’, consumers are given the opportunity to bring in their old bike, in exchange for a sizeable discount ($150 off RRP) on a new bike from the Pedal Bikes range. The old bikes that are collected are then donated to Bikes 4 Life for two shipments leaving in early 2015.

99 Bikes firmly believes that bikes change lives, with an internal purpose of ‘Changing lives by providing amazing riding experiences’.

As well as shaping the health, wellbeing, and environment through getting more people on bikes, 99 Bikes and its customers are excited to partner with Bikes 4 Life and help provide life changing (and life saving bikes) to some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities.